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Author: NomadicMatt

30+ Essential Resources for the Modern LGBT Traveler

I’ve added an LGBT column for the website to make the site more inclusive and talk about issues that affect some members of our community. In this column, we will hear from voices in the LGBT community about their experiences on the road, safety tips, events, and overall advice for other LGBT travelers to get the most out of their time on the road! Back again this month is our column leader Adam from  who is talking about the best websites, apps, and blogs for LGBT travelers.  Today, modern lesbian, gay, bi, and trans travelers no longer need...

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UPDATES: I’m Hosting More Speaking Events and a Newer Guide to Free Flights

Hello everyone! Happy Thursday! I’m currently leading a tour around Austin (if you’re in town, come to the BBQ tomorrow ) but here’s just a quick update today, as I have two big announcements: First, the Nomadic Network tour is back! A few months ago we started doing a “beta” test of community meetups in preparation for our September launch of a new global community event program (more on that later, like in September). We learned a lot during the first go-round on how to make the meetups better, and we’re doing another mini-tour at the end of the...

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Experiential Travel: Just Another Way for People to Take Your Money

For about the last year or so, the term “experiential travel” has been batted around the industry like a ping-pong ball. The term has actually been around longer but it’s only recently that it’s become, like Hansel in Zoolander, “so hot right now.” The idea behind “experiential travel” is that it’s a way to get travelers closer to the local culture and population. As Wikipedia says , “The goal is to more deeply understand a travel destination’s culture, people, and history by connecting with it, more than just by visiting it.” In part, it sells the idea that you’re...

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The Science of Adventure: Why Some People Are Better at Escaping Their Comfort Zone

Everybody wants to have more exciting, interesting, and adventurous travels. It’s those epic trips that make for the best stories, the best photos, and the best memories. Wanting to find out how we can have more adventurous travels (and lives!) I sat down with scientist, influencer, adventurer, and author Jon Levy to discuss the possibility of creating more consistent adventures. Tell everyone about yourself! My name is Jon Levy. I am a behavioral scientist, and I specialize in understanding influence and the science of adventure. I’ve spent the last decade traveling around the world trying to understand what causes...

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Learning to Live like a Local in France

Earlier this year, I went to Paris, saw it though the lens of the 1920s, and wrote about how traveling with a theme can spice up and add focus to your trip. Narrowing your focus helps you go deeper. Last month I went back to France and again wanted to travel with a theme. But, instead of focusing on only Jazz Age attractions, eating French food, visiting modern art museums, drinking at bars that start with the letter Q, or whatever, my theme would be a style of travel, something a little broader. I’d be traveling using only (at least when possible) the sharing economy , the term given to the plethora of websites designed to connect travelers with locals, offer more unique experiences, and make travel more affordable. While I’ve used the sharing the economy frequently before (I am a big fan), they have never the primary focus of my entire trip. I usually add a few activities in while I’m being a normal tourist seeing the main attractions. But this trip was going to be different. My plan was to rely on Airbnb for accommodation, Couchsurfing for meetups, BlaBlaCar for transportation, EatWith and VizEat for meals, and Vayable and greeter programs (programs run by tourism boards that set you up with a local guide) for activities. I wanted to get off the tourist trail, meet more locals,...

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