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Author: NomadicMatt

Is it Safe to Visit the United States?

Last month, I wrote an article about why, despite what you see in the news, Europe is safe to visit . Someone asked (with a degree of snark) if I would I write a similar article about the U.S. too? Well, it’s a valid question. As an American writing for a mostly American audience, I tend to write mostly about what’s beyond our shores. But I have thought about this question before – especially since 45% of the people who read this website are outside the US. So let’s turn the tables on my post and ask: “Is the...

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How Amanda Educates Her Kids From the Road

Ever wanted to travel the world with your family? Not sure how to do it on a budget? Not sure what to do about their education? Well, even though I don’t have children, I’m always curious about how families manage to do these things. Maybe one day I’ll have kids and this will become important! So, today, I’m sitting down with Amanda, a community member and writer of funny parenting and travel stories from Idaho. In this interview, Amanda explains how she takes months off to travel with her kids, does it on a budget, and how she continues...

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How to Travel Around Namibia on a Budget

Welcome to the latest post in our Africa column by Natasha and Cameron from The World Pursuit . While I’ve been to the continent in the past, I’ve only seen a few countries so I’m super duper excited to have these two travelers share their knowledge about traveling the continent . This month they are sharing how to travel around Namibia, one of my top five countries in the world, on a budget! As steam rose from the tarmac and mirages presented themselves in the far distance, our truck’s engine nearly boiled over. We drove through empty Namib Desert in...

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The End of Goals: Thoughts on Turning 36

In 2013, I created a list of 19 things I wanted to do before I turned 35 . This list was going to serve as a guide for all my travels until I hit that all-important (OK, not really) birthday. Last year, when I turned 35 and realized I wasn’t even close to completing it, I mentally tweaked the list title: it would now be 19 things to do through age 35. Today, I turn 36…and out of those 19 things on my list, I did a whopping FOUR. Yup, only four. In a sense, I failed pretty badly....

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7 Common Myths About Traveling Africa – And Why They Are Wrong

Kristin Addis from Be My Travel Muse writes our regular column on solo female travel. It’s an important topic I can’t adequately cover, so I brought in an expert to share her advice for other women travelers to help cover the topics important and specific to them! She’s also amazingly knowledgable about traveling around Africa. This month, Kristin breaks down some of the most persistent myths when it comes to traveling Africa. When I told my friends about my first solo trip to Africa, they thought I was crazy. “What about Ebola?” “You can’t travel to Africa alone! It’s...

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