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Month: July 2017

Reader Story: How Angela Travels the World as an Au Pair

One of the biggest challenges for people is saving up for a world trip. It can be daunting trying to save thousands of dollars for your next big trip. Yet I always say “If you can’t save, go work.” The world has an abundance of jobs that travelers can get . Millions of travelers fund their trips by working their way around the world. Today, I want to profile one of our community members who does just that. Angela works as an au pair. This funds her round the world travel dreams, let’s her stay in a place longer,...

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How to Pick the Best Camera for Travel

Photographs are an important part of the travel experience and, with so many budding photographers in this community, I wanted to create a semi-ongoing series about travel photography . Since I’m not a photographer, I’ve invited professional photographer Laurence Norah of Finding the Universe (and teacher of our Superstar Blogging photography class ) to share his wisdom. In this post, Laurence will discuss how to pick the best camera (for any budget) for your travels. Getting great photos from our travel adventures is something all of us want, and I know that when I started my life of full-time...

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How to Find a Cheap Hotel Room: Sites to Use and Sites to Avoid

As much as I love hostels and other forms of cheap accommodation, there is something nice about the luxuriousness of a hotel: the clean room, comfy bed, desk, iron, strong shower, and bottled soap for the taking (errr…I mean borrowing). They are quiet, relaxing, and a respite from the world. But luxury comes at a price. Hotels certainly aren’t cheap, and I hate spending money on a room I am only going to be in for a few hours. After all, it’s just a place to sleep (and take soap). It’s why I mostly avoid hotels — I don’t...

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Is it Safe to Visit the United States?

Last month, I wrote an article about why, despite what you see in the news, Europe is safe to visit . Someone asked (with a degree of snark) if I would I write a similar article about the U.S. too? Well, it’s a valid question. As an American writing for a mostly American audience, I tend to write mostly about what’s beyond our shores. But I have thought about this question before – especially since 45% of the people who read this website are outside the US. So let’s turn the tables on my post and ask: “Is the...

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How Amanda Educates Her Kids From the Road

Ever wanted to travel the world with your family? Not sure how to do it on a budget? Not sure what to do about their education? Well, even though I don’t have children, I’m always curious about how families manage to do these things. Maybe one day I’ll have kids and this will become important! So, today, I’m sitting down with Amanda, a community member and writer of funny parenting and travel stories from Idaho. In this interview, Amanda explains how she takes months off to travel with her kids, does it on a budget, and how she continues...

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